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Gather Windows and W3C based event by using event log monitor software
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Event Log Monitoring
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29 August 2013

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When a network spans widely it is very much required that all the events records that are generated must be kept in right manner and are saved properly. Also monitoring of such events are indispensable for they create considerable issues if not dealt in time. Hence if you are in need of a tool that can help you in monitoring all the events and that too without spending any damn money then Event Log Monitoring 12.10.01 is what you must be aspiring for. With this tool will be come capable of keeping an eye and then store all the details of event logs which are created and stored in central database. Flocked with loads of features, Event Log Monitoring 12.10.01 offers itself as a terrific event management solution in town.

Event Log Monitoring 12.10.01 gives a platform of storing the event logs duly and hence assist in referring them for future needs and more filtered scanning etc. More so the tool can serve as a protection unit that can help you avoid network breaches, security threats, system damages, legal issues and many others. With its advanced features network administrator can log onto several PCs at one time and aids in monitoring. Creation of groups and assignment of event Ids to all these groups for collection of logs will help you to generate corresponding ID. Interface of the tool is literally simple and offers a hassle free usage. With options like Dashboards, Event Browser, Manage Group, Instant browse, Schedule browser, Alerts, Activities and various others are available in helping you to achieve a great event management.

Therefore owing to the complete performance and assistance it offers in monitoring as well as management of events in the networks Event Log Monitoring 12.10.01 score very highly in all parts. A score of three fits perfectly on this free yet fabulous monitoring tool.

Publisher's description

Event log management is a comprehensive process of collection of event logs generated by network-wide systems in a central repository. Complete event logs are used to keep them readily available for future reference, event log filtration for requirement-centric browsing. In fact, it is an important source of details crucial for avoiding security threats, legal hassles, network breach and system damage, event logs need to be tracked and managed. Standard security compliances set by regulatory bodies can be easily met by using a professional event log monitor tool like as Lepide event log manager. Lepide Event Log Manager enables administrator to perform a comprehensive log analysis by continuously monitoring of networked systems along with web based events. With Lepide Event Log Manager Tool, Network Administrators can manage events on the several computers in the network in the following way: Firstly, Monitor Windows and W3C events on several computers simultaneously. Secondly, Administrators can make Compliance reports, W3C and Windows events for chosen groups, teams or individuals with a single mouse click for efficient event log monitoring. Thirdly, you can also configure alerts for taking quick actions against required event types to ensure compliance standards and ensure network security. In addition, you can also create different groups and assign event Ids to them to collect logs of the events together by generating corresponding reports. Lepide Event Log Manager is available in two forms: freeware and enterprise edition. Freeware version is the packed with limited features which can be used for unlimited period without any other restriction. Enterprise edition of Lepide Event Log Manager is fully featured version and you can buy it online at affordable price. For more details:
Event Log Monitoring
Event Log Monitoring
Version 12.10
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